Echomax EM230BR (Blipper replacement)


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The Echomax EM230BR (Blipper replacement).
Optimum boat size - Up to 15m.
Max Response area: - 24m²
Dimensions: - 9" Reflector, 605mm x 245mm.
Weight: - 2.1Kg.
Fixing centres: - 545mm
Fixing size: - 8mm
Also certified flr lifeboats and rescue craft.
The EM230BR is designed as a direct replacment for the old Firdell Blipper with the same fixing centres enabling simple replacement.

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£ 137.95 tax incl.

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Echomax Produce a range of passive reflectors which suit vessels from 6m upwards. The most popular models are the compact EM180 which are suitable for vessels up to 8m & the EM230 & EM230BR (Blipper replacement) which are suitable for vessels up to 15m. Above this is the EM305 for larger vessels.
Echomax passive radar reflectors use a revolutionary symmetrical 3 stack 12 corner array. When acquired by a radar one orthoganal corner will always be open with another about to open or close.
This ensures maximum response on a radar screen and much more chance of being identified as a target.
Some reflectors, in tests, have provided a response for only 3 seconds in a minute.
Echomax reflectors have been independently tested in the QinetiQ (DERA) anechoic chamber in Funtington.
Results of these tests are detailed on the Echomax website

Echomax passive reflectors are used around the World by commercial, military and government users.
In addition to wide usage in the leisure sector Echomax reflectors can also be seen on buoys & marks produced in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, & others.
The principle of stacked array radar reflectors was designed and patented by John Firth over a period of 40 years.
In 1998 Echomax purchased the rights to John's 3
rd patent which was a revolutionary design of the stacked array principle.

Tests by QinetiQ have shown that the Echomax has a reflective area of more than twice that of similar products using orthogonal corners.

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