Rocna Anchors

Rocna Anchors

Are you in the market for a new anchor? Arthurs Chandlery are the leading providers of superb quality Rocna anchors in the Hampshire area. With our many years of experience, we’re sure to have an anchor to suit your needs.

Our excellent range of Rocna Anchors

As any boat owner will tell you, owning a good solid anchor cannot be understated. The sea is a harsh, corrosive environment so ensuring that your purchase will last is not only a practical necessity but cost effective in the long run.

We believe in only stocking the highest quality anchors, which we carefully source to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Rocna anchors feature a revolutionary design and are constructed of the highest grade materials. They have been carefully designed for both functionality and durability ensuring many years of reliable use.

Built to an ultra high holding standard, the Rocna anchor offers a superb performance thanks to its roll-bar design and chisel tip that cuts effortlessly through hard sand, weed or grass. Rocna anchors have seen use in some of the world’s toughest oceans including Alaska, Scotland, The Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Our Rocna anchors come in a variety of different sizes, such as:

  •          4Kg
  •          6Kg
  •          10Kg
  •          15Kg
  •          20Kg
  •          25Kg
  •          33Kg
  •          40Kg

So you can be sure to find the perfect one to suit your boating needs.

The perfect partner for your Rocna anchor

A solid anchor requires an equally sturdy chain; at Arthurs Chandlery, we sell DIN766 calibrated chains in a variety of lengths keeping your boat firmly rooted.

Why choose Arthurs Chandlery?

Founded back in the 1960’s Arthurs Chandlery has decades of experience providing for boat owners from all backgrounds. We are the leading supplier of Rocna anchors in the Hampshire area and our dedicated staff are always on hand to take the stress out of installing it to your boat.

We provide a range of services including life raft maintenance, in-house rope work, light rigging, cover and sail repairs. We’ll even launder your sails and covers for you. We also stock a wide range of items from stainless steel fastenings to technical clothing.

With a wealth of knowledge to bestow; we certainly have plenty to offer.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us so you can be assured of a knowledgeable friendly service from the moment you enter our store.

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