Rocna Anchor

Rocna Anchor

Is your vessel swaying even when the anchor is down? The wrong anchor will often leave you feeling insecure on your yacht or boat. We don’t want this to happen. If you are looking for the most reliable anchoring system, then order a Rocna Anchor from Arthurs Chandlery. Here at our chandlery, we believe in providing quality products for like-minded sailors across the Solent coast.

What is a Rocna styled anchor?

Originally designed by Peter Smith in New Zealand, the anchor, Rocna, is one of the most effective in the industry.

Its plough-shaped design with a curved roll bar will help your boat stay completely still in the water. Whenever you anchor your ship, you will be able to adjust to the correct setting. The weighted tip will ensure a good grasp is made in the seabed, and the chisel will cut through the toughest sand, stone and grass until it’s completely set.

The anchor is widely acknowledged for its ability to set quickly in water and has performed well in all oceans from the Arctic to the seas of Patagonia. In comparison to other anchor designs that leave your vessel unsteady in the water, the Rocna design anchor will hold your vessel in place no matter how rough the seas are.

The features of a Rocna anchor include:

  •          Universal function and design
  •          Improved resistance and holding power
  •          Can set in all environments and situations
  •          Superb penetration
  •          Resistant to strong tides and heavy loads
  •          Practical design to stow away
  •          No free parts that wear

Why buy from Arthurs Chandlery?

We were the first Chandlery to take note the advantages of the Rocna Anchor and are proudly the first in the UK to stock them in our Chandlery. Here, you have not just one but eight weights to choose. The weight is entirely dependent on the size of your yacht. The smaller your yacht, the lighter the weight you need. View and buy our available Rocna anchors online.

All of our anchors are thoroughly tested and approved to deliver the most secure anchoring when you set your vessel out at sea. Whatever your next expedition entails, the Rocna anchor will give you that rock-solid support that you are looking for.

At Arthurs Chandlery, we like to supply the best facilities and equipment in the marine industry. No matter whether you are looking for small supplies or you need to replace the more vital components of your vessel, Arthurs Chandlery is the place to shop for all your sailing necessities.

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Buy a Rocna Anchor when you come down to Arthurs Chandlery in Gosport or order online. Our delivery information is available on our website, and you can contact us for further information on 023 9258 4622.