Nautical Clothing and Footwear

Nautical Clothing and Footwear

Want the latest fashions of the marine industry? Go to Arthurs Chandlery for all of your nautical clothing and footwear. At Arthurs Chandlery, we stock the most versatile and practical items of clothing and footwear specifically designed for mariners and yachtsmen. So when your boots are worn, make sure you get a new pair when you order from us at Arthurs Chandlery.

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From clothing to nautical footwear, at Arthurs Chandlery we stock a variety of items that you’ll find useful when you are out at sea. Whether you are looking for protective clothing or practical solutions to keep you steady on your feet, the apparel at Arthurs Chandlery is all you need to withstand whatever weather and environments you may face.

Maindeck branding

Maindeck is a complete range of nautical clothing brand concentrating on value for money, quality and practicality.  Maindeck have combined both style and technical innovation to provide premium sailing and lifestyle clothing to a wide market.

Our men and women’s nautical clothing

When you scroll through the clothing and footwear of Arthurs Chandlery, you will notice how we stock the latest designs and styles of this leading brand: Maindeck. Our selection of men and women’s nautical clothing range from:

  •          Fleeces
  •          Hi-fit trousers
  •          Jackets
  •          Polo shirts
  •          Salopettes
  •          Caps
  •          Waterproof Beanie Hats
  •          A wide range of Gloves
  •          Boots and Deck Shoes

When you spend a long time on your vessel, we understand how you’ll want to feel comfortable no matter how long you are on your feet. Our complete selection of boots and deck shoes are designed to bring comfort and style to your sailing apparel.

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Why should you choose Arthurs Chandlery when you want to buy footwear and nautical clothing? We are the leading stockists of a full range of nautical equipment, accessories, and clothing. We are here to meet all of your needs, which is why we believe it is important to stock a wide range of products to suit your every requirement. As a long-established business for over 50 years, we know what to stock and what not to stock to deliver the best service in the South of England.

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