Anchoring, Mooring and Rope Supplies

Anchoring, Mooring and Rope Supplies

Do you have the necessary equipment on your boat? If you need anchoring, mooring and rope supplies then go straight to Arthurs Chandlery for all of your equipment.  We are stockists of some of the most recognised and recommended marine facilities in the South Coast of England. Situated in the heart of a sailing community, our chandlery is looked upon as the most resourceful for selling a wide range of sailing equipment

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Arthurs Chandlery is the place to go for all of your mooring, anchoring and rope supplies. As a leading chandlery in the sale of marine equipment and specialised services, many yachtsmen come to our chandlery for the range of equipment we supply. Our supplies include:


Anchors are a vital piece of equipment on your vessel. Make sure you are fully stocked up on your anchors when you take a look at the range from Arthurs Chandlery. We sell a wide choice of anchors, chains, and accessories to suit your yacht or boat. Our anchors include:

  •          Bruce style anchor
  •          Folding grapnel
  •          Plough anchor
  •          Rocna anchor


However long or short you need your rope to be, at Arthurs Chandlery we supply a range of sizes to suit your rope needs. In both navy and black, you can choose from lengths ranging from 10mm by 10m to 16mm by 14mm. For the full stock list, explore the pre-spliced ropes we have available.

Snubbers and mooring springs

Reduce rope tension when you buy one of our rope compensators. Mooring your vessel often puts a strain on your ropes and will put stress on your cleats. Rope compensators are designed to lessen the tension and reduce the snatch in your mooring.

Pick Up buoys

Not mooring at the docks? You will still need to make sure your vessel is secured even when it’s out in deeper waters. Our pick up buoys are a great buy. They are an ideal facility when you need to moor your vessel away from the docks.


Protect your vessel by investing in our range of fenders. Fenders will act as a buffer on the side of your boat and prevent damage from occurring when you are mooring. Not only are they good for preventing damage coming to your vessel, but will also ensure your health and safety whilst you are mooring.

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Arthurs Chandlery has been in the business of marine supplies for over 50 years. It is a long-established, family-run business that stocks all the equipment you need when you are on your boat or yacht. We know the best supplies to buy for your individual vessel and also provide additional marine services including the laundry of your sails and covers for the full marine package.

Give us a call to find out the range of anchoring, mooring and rope supplies available at Arthurs Chandlery. Come down and visit us in person or fill in our contact form.