Chandlery Electronics

Chandlery electronics

Do you need chandlery electronics? Look no further than Arthurs Chandlery for all of your needs. We have supplied the finest electronics for over 40 years. So whether you require new batteries, lights or other, Arthurs Chandlery is the place to shop

A superb range of chandlery electronics available today

At Arthurs Chandlery, we stock a superb range of chandlery electronics to meet your electronic needs. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Arthurs Chandlery has supplied many businesses with all of their electronic needs.

We provide the following types of chandlery electronics:

Tinned cables

We stock a range of tinned cables including single core, twin core, and 3 core cables by the metre or in 30m reels to suit your Chandlery electronic needs.


At Arthurs Chandlery, we stock a huge range of lights to meet your electronic needs. From navigational lights from Aquasignal and Hella to interior lighting replacements like incandescent and LED; you can expect Arthurs Chandlery to have it all.


Batteries are an essential on every ship or yacht. Arthurs Chandlery stocks a wide range of batteries in all sizes to meet you requirements.

Fuse holders

We stock a huge range of fuses and fuse holders to meet your requirements.

Deck glands

Deck glands are essential for many boats and yachts. We have a large stock of deck glands from Index and Scanstrut including traditional brass glands.

Other electronics

At Arthurs Chandlery, we sell a huge range of electronic equipment including:

  •          Circuit breakers
  •          Connectors
  •          Interior lights
  •          Shore power

Why choose Arthurs Chandlery?        

With over 40 years of experience in the Chandlery business, we have been the one-stop shop for many boat owners. Whether you require a new anchor, a boat jacket to new interior lighting, we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity in our shop.  If you need something more specific or something of a particular size, Arthurs Chandlery will work hard to ensure that you have everything you need.

Being a traditional chandlery shop means we also provide other services such as laundering sails and covers within a week. Our team at Arthurs Chandlery have years of experience in the industry and can help meet your requests.

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