Marine Books and Charts

Marine Books and Charts

Navigate the seas with ease when you buy one of the detailed marine books and charts available at Arthurs Chandlery. Arthurs Chandlery is the biggest retailer and supplier of marine equipment and accessories. As one of the leading chandleries in the Solent, you will find the best routes to sail with our collection of sailing books and charts.

What sailing books and marine charts can you buy? 

At Arthurs Chandlery, we keep stock of the latest charts and navigational systems available to ensure you are safe on your sailing journey. Our charts cover both sides of the English Channel so whether you want to make a small expedition close to home or a big adventure across the seas then we are happy to help with our sailing books and marine charts.

Here is a list of what marine books and charts we supply at Arthurs Chandlery:

Latest Almanacs

We stock the very popular and reliable Reeds Nautical Almanac. It provides all the information you need to sail across the UK and the European coastline. Each year it has improved to deliver meticulous information regarding marine travels. With its clear layout and informative information, buy the Reeds Nautical Almanac for the ultimate seafaring book.

For more nautical books, pilots, and almanacs, browse our full collection here.


Why do you need a logbook? A logbook is a great way to keep track of your daily course at sea. It will be a great source of reference for your journey and will allow you to record every detail you need of your time at sea. With clear spacing for the time, wind direction, local tides and barometric pressure reading, you need the handy sized data record of our logbooks for your sailing adventure.


Plotters are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to sailing. It will make sure you stay on the right course and reduce your chance of drifting. With this simple piece of navigational instrument, you will be able to determine the direction you are sailing and plot your latitude. While it is simple in design, plotters are very important on your sailing journey to be able to track where you are and where you are heading.

Charts and Maps

Do you have a sailing destination in mind? Would you like to sail abroad? Don’t go anywhere until you buy one of our sailing charts. At Arthurs Chandlery, we stock the latest and very best in sailing charts and maps. Not just limited to UK destinations, we also supply charts for European coastlines. Some of the destinations we stock include:

  •          The Solent
  •          Dorset and Devon coast
  •          West County
  •          The Channel Islands
  •          North France
  •          North Brittany
  •          Kent and Sussex coast

Follow the full list of our marine charts and maps and discover the places you could visit.

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