Marine Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment

Stay safe out at sea with the best in marine safety equipment at Arthurs Chandlery. Arthurs Chandlery are one of the finest stores that stock a fabulous range of marine equipment, accessories and facilities for even the most experienced yachtsman.

Order and buy our safety marine equipment

Buy quality safety marine equipment when you come down to Arthurs Chandlery. At Arthurs Chandlery, we are proud to stock the most reliable and secure marine equipment for your vessel. Ensuring that you and your passengers are safe when you sail is of the utmost importance.

We make providing safety equipment on board easier by supplying all the safety accessories that you’ll ever need such as:  


Lifejackets are a necessary safety accessory on board any vessel. For those who can and can’t swim, lifejackets are an essential piece of equipment in keeping you afloat should the worst happen. These resilient jackets will keep you safe and warm through various weather conditions and are made of the highest quality material so that they won’t break.

At Arthurs Chandlery, we have lifejackets for adults, children and even for your pets. So you know that whenever you go out sailing, the whole party will be safe.


Ensure your boat is equipped with a liferaft and make sure you’re never adrift at sea. Each liferaft comes fitted with a wide canopy, weighted boarding ladder, netting and a rain water collection system.

Although strictly for emergencies, liferafts are an important facility on any boat, so why don’t you discover the range of our liferafts at Arthurs Chandlery.

Safety accessories

In keeping your passengers safe, even the little things are important. At Arthurs Chandlery, we have a whole range of safety accessories that are easy to stock on your vessel. When you come down to our store, or even if you want to order online, we supply safety accessories including:

  • Binoculars
  • Compasses
  • Safety knives
  • Torches/ search lights

MOB equipment

Make sure, should the unthinkable happen, and a man does go overboard, you are able to catch him with our man overboard (MOB) equipment. From throwing lines, emergency ladders, buoys and rescue systems, we supply all the equipment you need.

Safety and information signs

Clear signage and information will make manoeuvring and managing the processes on your vessel a whole lot easier (especially if more than one person is on your boat). Giving direct instructions is a health and safety requirement that you must implement no matter how small or large your vessel is.

See what safety and information signs you could order at our chandlery in Hampshire.

Why choose Arthurs Chandlery?

Located in the sailing capital of the UK, the Solent, Arthurs Chandlery are the finest marine safety equipment suppliers and have provided many vessels with quality safety marine equipment. Our aim is to keep you safe and secure on your vessel which means it’s necessary that we stock every single piece of equipment you’ll need. As a traditional chandlery, we know what equipment you need on your vessel.

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So come down to Arthurs Chandlery for your marine safety equipment or contact us directly by filling in our contact form or calling us on 023 9258 4622.