Yacht Equipment Repair | Repairing Your Sailing Boat Equipment

Yacht Equipment RepairYacht Equipment Repair

Is your yacht equipment damaged? Bring your ropes, covers or sails to Arthurs Chandlery and get a yacht equipment repair service that you won’t find anywhere else. Arthurs Chandlery is renowned for the wide range of yacht equipment for sale that is available in our store.

Situated in the heart of a popular sailing community, our chandlery is an essential place to get all the sailing equipment you need. As well as providing additional services such as laundry and repairs, we have grown in popularity with yachtsman across the South of England.

Our equipment yacht repair services

Whether you have just come back from a sailing expedition, or you want your yacht in premium condition before your next race, Arthurs Chandlery supplies a superb repairs service.

So when you need to organise the appearance and functionality of your yacht see what our equipment yacht repair services includes:

Solent rope work

Are your ropes in a tangle? Bring them to Arthurs Chandlery and we have experts at hand to deliver an effective rope work repair service. Our Solent rope work will neaten the appearance of your ropes in easy to manage knots and whippings so that you are fully prepared for the next time you go sailing.

Light Rigging

Depending on the size of your yacht, we offer a light rigging service that will get your boat back up and running again. Without an effective rigging service, you will find that you are unable to manage your masts and, as a result, you’ll struggle to sail in the Solent waters. At Arthurs Chandlery, our light rigging service includes step and un-step masts using traditional rope work techniques that will improve your sailing experience.

Cover and sail repairs

If there is a tear in your sails, don’t hesitate to bring them to Arthurs Chandlery where we carry out an extensive repair service to your sails or covers. At Arthurs Chandlery, we have the materials of the most premium quality to make your covers and sails as good as new. Our services are of the highest calibre so that your repairs are near invisible with our superb results.

Or, if you have a stain on your cover or sail, send them into Arthurs Chandlery and we will get them serviced within a week by a premium sail laundry service.  

Buy our yacht repair equipment

If you want to repair any smaller damage yourself, we supply a wide range of yacht equipment and supplies for your boat maintenance including:

  •          Antifouling
  •          Cleaning hardware (brushes, rollers, etc.)
  •          Epoxy and fillers
  •          Paints and varnish
  •          Plumbing equipment
  •          Sealants and a lot more

Buy our boat maintenance tools from Arthurs Chandlery to deliver your very own yacht equipment repair.

About Arthurs Chandlery

For around 50 years, we have been providing equipment and servicing boats and yachts to many customers across the South Coast. Our clients come to our bespoke Chandlery because we supply all the equipment that you’ll ever need. Open seven days a week, we give you the most opportunity to carry out your yacht equipment repairs.

From providing the products to carrying out the repairs, look no further than Arthurs Chandlery for all of your sailing needs.

Get in touch

Come down to Arthurs Chandlery today with your damaged sailing equipment and we will deliver a yacht equipment repair service like no other. If you have other queries regarding what we repair, don’t hesitate to contact us over the phone on 023 9258 4622 or send an email to info@arthurschandlery.co.uk today.