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Is your boat affected by dirt and grime? Do you need your sails cleaned? Drop your sails off to Arthurs Chandlery and give your sails and covers a treat. Tiptop Sail Laundry collect from us on Wednesdays and deliver back the following Wednesday. Tiptop Sail laundry is well regarded within the industry and cleans sails covers from throughout the UK.

Sail laundry in the Solent

Do you need your sails cleaned? Dirty sails and awnings will seriously affect the functionality of your boat. It is important to ensure you boat is constantly maintained and this includes regular washing of your sails, covers and awnings.

Bring in your sails and covers to Arthurs Chandlery and TipTop will collect from us on a Wednesday and return your cleaned items the following Wednesday.   


On the water, your boat will endure a multitude of forces that will leave signs and damage to the sails of your vessels. As it battles through various weather conditions, pollutions and just general stains, you will notice how your boat will lose its efficiency in the water.

There are number of conditions that will seriously affect the functionality of your sails; these include:

  •          Acidic pollution
  •          Food/ beverage stains
  •          Green algae and mildew
  •          Rust
  •          Salt crystals


Tiptop Sail Laundry will treat covers and spray hoods gently during the cleaning procedure. (However, with old covers there is always the chance that some work may be required - such as restitching).

When you utilise the laundry services in the Solent, you can rely on a company that uses the best acrylic canvas waterproofing solutions. Fabsil is renowned for its water repellent agency so that your covers will be resistant to any further damage when you are out at sea.

About Arthurs Chandlery

If you want a pristine finish to your vessel, then send your dirty Solent sail laundry to Arthurs Chandlery. Arthurs Chandlery provides the finest service for equipment, clothing and repairs within the sailing trade.

Arthurs Chandlery works adjacent to the leading laundry service in sailing, Tiptop Sail Laundry, to bring a gleam back into your sailing equipment. Our laundry service is highly regarded for its quick turnaround so that in one week you will have a brand new set of sails, covers and awnings that will enhance the workings of your vessel.

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