Stainless Steel Chandlery Fastenings | Durable Stainless Steel Fastenings

Stainless Steel Chandlery FasteningsStainless Steel Chandlery Fastenings

Do you need long-lasting equipment on your vessel? Go to Arthurs Chandlery for our stainless steel chandlery fastenings. At Arthurs Chandlery, we stock a wide range of nautical essentials of a premium-quality to customers across the South Coast of England.

Our Chandlery stainless steel fastenings

It is essential that you are fully equipped on board your vessel. At Arthurs Chandlery, we are proud to stock the finest fastenings for your boat or yacht.  As holders of one of the largest range of chandlery stainless steel fastenings in the region, you should look no further than Arthurs Chandlery.

Benefits of stainless steel fastenings

Stainless steel is a material known for its durability and non-corrosive properties. It is no wonder, then, that stainless steel is a popular material to use in chandlery fastenings. Here, we have listed some of the benefits of the stainless steel fastenings in our chandlery.


When you are on the water for a prolonged period, you want to invest in a material that can last. With our stainless steel fastenings, you will rely on a material that will be resistant to corrosion. As a result, your equipment won’t weaken over time and, instead, will be a long-term investment.

Temperature resistant

Unlike materials such as plastics that can break when it reaches certain temperatures, stainless steel is a solution known to be temperature resistant. It is important that your fastenings are temperature resistant as you will be facing all kinds of weather when you are out on the water.  

Durable strength

Stainless steel will withstand all the forces of nature that you will experience on your boat. When you are continually using your equipment, you want to make sure that it is strong enough to endure the rigours of your sailing. Stainless steel is popular amongst many manufacturers for its durable strength

What do we stock?

In a prime position in the Solent, the sailing capital of the UK, Arthurs Chandlery receives many customers looking to stock up on their stainless steel fastenings in our Chandlery.

We want you to feel completely secure in your boat or yacht. With this in mind, all of our stainless steel fastenings are thoroughly tested to ensure they are in perfect working condition. When you come to Arthurs Chandlery you have the chance to buy all of these products and more:

  •          Busbar
  •          Gaff
  •          Hose clips
  •          Ladders
  •          Rowlocks
  •          Padlocks and bolts
  •          Shackles
  •          Winches and straps

Why shop at Arthurs Chandlery?

For all of your nautical equipment and clothes, Arthurs Chandlery is the place to go. Stocking only the finest branded equipment in sailing, our store is one of the most popular locations for sailors in the Solent.

We have been established as a respected chandlery in the Solent since the 1960s. Open seven days a week, there’s plenty of time to visit our store and find the equipment you need for your sailing adventure. We are regarded as supplying and delivering technical clothing and tools, as well as additional rope work and laundry services.

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